play restaurant and lounge
Gatserelia Design, a renowned architectural firm headed by Gregory Gatserelia, has created the interiors for Dubai’s latest hotspot, PLAY Restaurant & Lounge. The eclectic and elegant clientele of PLAY continue to be impressed by both the brass and marble décor of the establishment and its unparalleled cuisine. PLAY has created a dining experience like no other, by introducing its guests into a chic and timeless multi-level world of expression and creativity through its unique environment and bespoke menu.

Drawing on excessive research and practice, and adopting a holistic philosophy towards design, Gregory keeps focus on functionality, sustainability and a deep understanding of the needs of space at the head of his firm that unites architects, designers, landscape architects, and consultants. Driven by a fascination with material and a passion for design, his projects, including Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts, Cocteau, Society Bistro & Wine Lounge, work for
Sultan Brahim Jounieh, and international private offices and residences, are acclaimed in the world of architecture.

Upon entering PLAY, a constellation of custom-made brass lanterns hanging in space introduce guests into a world of shapes, lines, and reflections inspired by the Dubai skyline.

Mesh brass wall features harbouring lights behind their grills reprise this ceiling display, creating accents that beg to be both looked at and through, much like the many interconnected areas of the restaurant and bar.

Dark, sculptural and enticing, the entrance defines what is to come, as PLAY slowly reveals itself as guests enter a dinning space like no other. In channeling a cosmopolitan energy, PLAY is a reinterpretation and reflection the Middle East’s City of Lights, Dubai. The impressive floor to ceiling windows of the dining area compliment the interiors and showcase the connection between design and reality, elevating guests into a ludic world of modern luxury and contemporary experimentation.

The monolithic shooter bar, modelled on the profile of the human face and with lamps in the shape of pointing fingers, taking aim at guests with their shooters, is a social and playful space designed to break down barriers, with an unobstructed view of the sea. The main bar is equally as impressive with its dark wood ceiling. Modern and Art Deco design elements embellish this space that functions as the heart of PLAY.

Going deeper into the restaurant lounge area, we see Gregory Gatserelia’s full vision of PLAY come together in a cohesive and elegant manner giving new meaning to what a dining experience truly should be. The VIP area dominating the space is full of eclectic and Art Deco accent pieces, comfy seating, a sculptural colour-changing ceiling, energetic walls, and free social space.

Occupying the 36th and 37th floors of the building, the dining area experiments with vantage points, heights, and levels. Glass panels, both reflective and translucent, serve to divide the spaces of the restaurant, both between and within floors, whilst also creating a sense of cohesion and interaction. Diners are invited to look around, above, below, and through, creating an environment where seeing is just as important as being seen.

The interplay of lights and shapes gives the restaurant space an attitude as vibrant as the city it is in. Gregory Gatserelia’s noble materials, modern interpretation, fluid space, adapted inclusive seating arrangement, creates a service setting that avoids crossing and facilitates circulation. PLAY has been established as a space that is not just a restaurant or lounge, but a rich space of contemporary design that also offers an all-encompassing dining experience.

Opening Times:
Bar and Lounge: 6pm – 3am
Restaurant: 7pm – 1am
Location: 36th Floor, H Hotel, 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
For reservations: